Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Microsoft Surface -Everything We Want But Dont Need

The new Surface by Microsoft is some 'ish that people back in the day couldn't even imagine. How this sum-mum-ma bitch can transfer files with no bluetooth or USB connection is kind of creepy.  It essentially replaces your coffee table with a big ass touch screen machine of magic. Transer files, surf the web, play games, send e-mails, or just set your cup of water on it for shits and giggles special effects. The Microsoft Surface also watches you in your sleep and can have a printout analyzation of your dreams in the morning. OK I'm exaggerating, but the way technology is going I'm sure thats not too far away.

Crazy about multi-touch screen computers? Windows has come up with the all new Microsoft surface and is now available for Business and Commercial use. The multitouch screen surface responds naturally to hand gestures and objects.
The surface handles all the digital content in a very intuitive manner, with its large horizontal user interface. The surface creates an interactive way of sharing, comparing, transferring data etc. for multiple users. It changes the whole new concept of interacting with the digital content, Leave the mouse and keyword away use your hand for every single work. Sharing is fun. The all new surface also identify objects like glass of water, when it is kept on the surface it gives cool tags around it.
Transferring of data is easy you don’t have to connect your device with bluetooth, USB cable or anything, just put your phone or camera on the Microsoft surface and you’re all set for sharing. The Microsoft surface is very intelligent and recognizes your natural hand gestures.
The Surface comes at a price of $5,000 to $10,000 now. Soon it will be cheaper and will take a place in your home.

Sounds like a great concept of a computer and I salute Microsoft. Although I'm sure lots of people will get it and not know how the hell to work it

By the time I'd actually be able to afford that beautiful beast of a machine, I'm sure that price will drop faster than Drake attempting to skip.

Spotted at TechCrank

*UPDATE* - After bigging up this product, found this parody a short time later. This is so funny I almost feel stupid for wanting this

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