Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Royce da 5'9" -My Own Planet ft. Joe Budden & Mr. Porter

Joey says fuck Amalgam Digital and finally hops in his Slaughterhouse brethren's track off of the deluxe edition of Nickel's Bar Exam 3. Considering their chemistry is impeccable (Mike Tyson voice) hip hop is lucky they got over their war of words just a few short years ago. Now the only question that begs to be asked is who's guest verse is better? Jumpoff's or fellow Detroiter Big Sean?? I'm gonna have to marinate on that before I give my final answer. I'm done cracking jokes like "Royce needs this $9.99 more than I do", but if you do want to go the legal route, all versions of the single are available on itunes here.

I got two words for the rap game.... fuck ya'lll

Wale - Ambitious Girl

*Ambitious girls where you hiding?*

Mr. Folarin takes the words right out my mouth this this jawn. Coming from Saginaw, MI, they're kind of a rare breed.  Girls out there are more content to push strollers through the hood while pregnant with somebody elses baby, while living with drug dealin Ray Ray's broke ass while working a part time job babysittin somebody elses lil badass kids shittin all over the house, cuz the leasing agent needs some form of proof of income if they are gonna approve you for their section 8 housing. In the meantime, they sell food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar to pick up some extra weed money, that is, until Ray Ray's broke ass comes around bitchin he got into with Big Pookie n dem and he needs to pay for all the drugs that got fronted STAT or everybody is knee deep in shit. Whew. Got carried away there. Anways.. my ambitious girl... I won't forget you.. I just reflect on how I ain't met you yet boo. So come on babygirl.... I wanna fuck the shit out your ambitions.

Download: Wale - Ambitious Girl

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Em' Tiger

With the release of the new Wale track about infidelity and whatnot, I went back and listened to these other Tiger Woods inspired tracks.  And yes that is a photo I actually took myself at a gift shop in Ann Arbor Michigan. Personally I think people need to cut him some slack. She already ruined his Cadillac and got a ridonkulous  $800,000,000 payout to keep her yappin ass yapper shut. I've been fucking Snow Bunnies since the early 2000's and nobody has made a big deal of it. Jeez.

Wale - Eyes of a Tiger

New Wale? Why the hell not. As noted in the "More About Nothing" trailer, he's been chillin, (no Gaga) for quite some time now. I don't blame him. Nothing wrong with letting Wheelchair Jimmy Drake mania die down a little bit. Now back to the music. Tiger just can't catch a break. Wait a minute, he's still rich. Nevermind.

Download: Wale - Eyes of a Tiger

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Royce Da 5'9" - Walking In The Rain

Detroit's best emcee not named Marshall is back on the dark shit. Reminiscent of his "Death is Certain" days I haven't seen since high school, I'm reminded of a young J Reezy neglecting his homework and studying rap instead.. ahh.. I miss the past. Sorry to refer to myself in third person too. I'm not a douche, really. Anyways, cop this, it's worth it.