Friday, October 30, 2009

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind Swagger Jacker Remix!

I'm sure these aren't gonna be the last ones we see. More people are hopping on this than that milli Wayne shit a few years ago. If people hate Jay-Z so damn much why do they continue to emulate him through song? Full time jack move with this. But at least it's more clever than just hopping over an instrumental. I am here to bring you ___________ State if Mind!!! (Insert your city). Let's start with my home state.

Ro Spit - Renaissance State of Mind (Detroit)

Renaissance state of mind by Ro Spit
The only set back to this is that Ro Spit is from Pontiac, MI, about a half hour north of the D. People claiming other peoples hoods gets all sorts of thugs' panties in a bunch. But this is all love, and metro Detroit is basically one big ass community anyways. Besides, the early bird gets the worm. It's not Ro's fault he's the first muh fucker to take action. I've done quite a bit of cruisin down I-75 to know the spots Ro's talking about. He represents it well. Got a lil off track cuz I'm used to Alicia on the hook, but Monica Blaire holds her own.
Sidenote, if you like Ro's threads, check out the Michigan clothing brand "Burn Rubber"

Neeko ft. Deana Marie - Ill State of Mind (Philly)

I'll be honest I haven't a damn clue who this kid is. His flows are pretty nice though. Beats alot of other random rappers that need to stick to their day job.  Everyone learns a fair deal about Philadelphia in school due to all of it's early prominent American history. Neeko's references are easy to visualize due to this. Who doesn't love Cheesesteak?

Levar Allen - Empire State of Mind T Dot splitscreen remix

On the softer side of things, Levar Allen gets his acoustic on as he croon's the hook. The split screen gimmick does it's job, as it made me forget how boring the song was. Not a bad job singing though. A much better representation for Toronto than.....

Roz and Mocha - T.Dot State of Mind

Okay I saved the best for last. Ahh fuck it. Won't even try. If this is what KISS 92.5 Toronto views as HOT music, I'll stick with the States. But hey, somebody in Canada had to shout out Tim Hortons Drivethru. I mean, what else do they have besides Deer on their Quarters and a different metric system?
Appreciate the effort Razberry Mocha, but shitty sound quality botched auto-tune half assed flow everything just couldn't get me to groove to this.

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