Monday, November 2, 2009

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling Mixtape

The new-new "incredibly entertaining musical masterpeice" by Wiz Khalifa is officially released. Somebody, somewhere Many people everywhere are blazin to this. Solid project for your collection.

Download: Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling

The Real: Jay and the Beans talk

Cuz sometimes we just need to sit back and laugh at ourselves.

Joell Ortiz - Back by Popular Demand (Popeyes) Freestyle

Mr. Yaaaaooowwwaa blesses us with his jack of the Clipse's street single. Lyrics for days on this one. Props to

BONUS- Run this Town Freestyle. Ouch, this shit is so good it hurts.
"I stay in the light like funny looking money"
Metaphors are ill, give you the ewww face. LMAO at him crooning YYAAAAAAOWWWAAA. Couldve done without that.