Friday, October 30, 2009

Beanie Sigel - Not Your Average Cat (Jay-Z Diss) DJ KaySlay

Awww hecky naw, this boy man is raw. So it looks like even if Beanie Sigel was smashed drunk during his I RUN THIS TOWN rant, it's not gonna stop. Drunk actions are sober thoughts anyways right? Beans finally goes in over his old bff. I was gonna say "boss" but as I was typing this, he got all emotional during the end of the song. Beans has a valid point in everything he was saying though. The Roc Roc Nation may still be around as a half assed front of Roc-a-fella, and there's still good music on it. But lets be real. Everybody who listened to rap anytime in the late 90's early 2000's knows the Roc's cornerstones were Jay, Bleek, and Beans. Freeway when he could take a break from dealing drugs and manscaping his beard.  Anyways, til the next diss record comes along we can just sit back and reminisce of better days.

Damn, it was all good just a week ago.
Spotted at Nahright

from Nahright, from Miss Info, from somebody's 2nd cousin's neighbor upstairs comes the CD Quality version of the song. Hear Beans go in on Jay even better!

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