Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Drunkeness, the Mixtape

Happy Halloween from KoolaidKonkokshunz! To celebrate, here's a compilation of jawns that are getting burn while I'm out and about tonite. The list below is in no particular order, cuz frankly I was too lazy to re number all the files. Also, the Mirrors Edge song by Mike Posner was accidentally put in twice but I already uploaded it to zshare so it's staying that way for now. You can just delete it on your own. Sounds ghetto I know but hey I'm not getting paid to do this shit and I still have to put together a half assed costume for tonite. Anyways, here are the songs

  • Big Boi ft. Gucci Mane - Shine Blockas
  • Clipse, Camr'on, Pharell  - Popular Demand (Popeyes)
  • Mike Posner, Bun B, XV - Mirrors Edge
  • Wiz Khalifa - Get You Some
  • Weezer ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Stop Partying
  • Wale ft. Pharrell - Inhibitions
  • TRV$DJAM - Coachella10
  • Trey Songz ft. Juelz Santana, Fabolous - Say Ahh
  • Timbaland ft. Drake - Say Something
  • Mike Posner, Kid Cudi - Don't Trust Me Benny Blanco remix
  • Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Birdman - Wasted remix
  • 50 Cent ft. Ne-yo - Baby By me
  • Jay-Z ft. Kanye West - D.O.A. 2
  • Jay-Z ft. Drake - Off That
  • Jay-Z - Ghetto Techno
  • Slaughterhouse ft. Bun B - The One (Travis Barker Remix)

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