Monday, November 2, 2009

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling Mixtape

The new-new "incredibly entertaining musical masterpeice" by Wiz Khalifa is officially released. Somebody, somewhere Many people everywhere are blazin to this. Solid project for your collection.

Download: Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling

The Real: Jay and the Beans talk

Cuz sometimes we just need to sit back and laugh at ourselves.

Joell Ortiz - Back by Popular Demand (Popeyes) Freestyle

Mr. Yaaaaooowwwaa blesses us with his jack of the Clipse's street single. Lyrics for days on this one. Props to

BONUS- Run this Town Freestyle. Ouch, this shit is so good it hurts.
"I stay in the light like funny looking money"
Metaphors are ill, give you the ewww face. LMAO at him crooning YYAAAAAAOWWWAAA. Couldve done without that.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Drunkeness, the Mixtape

Happy Halloween from KoolaidKonkokshunz! To celebrate, here's a compilation of jawns that are getting burn while I'm out and about tonite. The list below is in no particular order, cuz frankly I was too lazy to re number all the files. Also, the Mirrors Edge song by Mike Posner was accidentally put in twice but I already uploaded it to zshare so it's staying that way for now. You can just delete it on your own. Sounds ghetto I know but hey I'm not getting paid to do this shit and I still have to put together a half assed costume for tonite. Anyways, here are the songs

  • Big Boi ft. Gucci Mane - Shine Blockas
  • Clipse, Camr'on, Pharell  - Popular Demand (Popeyes)
  • Mike Posner, Bun B, XV - Mirrors Edge
  • Wiz Khalifa - Get You Some
  • Weezer ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Stop Partying
  • Wale ft. Pharrell - Inhibitions
  • TRV$DJAM - Coachella10
  • Trey Songz ft. Juelz Santana, Fabolous - Say Ahh
  • Timbaland ft. Drake - Say Something
  • Mike Posner, Kid Cudi - Don't Trust Me Benny Blanco remix
  • Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Birdman - Wasted remix
  • 50 Cent ft. Ne-yo - Baby By me
  • Jay-Z ft. Kanye West - D.O.A. 2
  • Jay-Z ft. Drake - Off That
  • Jay-Z - Ghetto Techno
  • Slaughterhouse ft. Bun B - The One (Travis Barker Remix)

Jay-Z Responds to Beanie Sigel (video)

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du hiphop on Vimeo.

While slightly sounding like a dickhead  business-man, Jay-Z comments about the Beans situation. What more could he do? Deal, record label, clothing line, all to somebody that never really appealed to the masses. (Beans highest selling album The Reason slung around 800k). Touché Young Hov. They both have valid points... which goes to support Beanie Sigels statement's at the end of his diss... this is a family issue. Keep this behind closed doors. Although I'm sure everyone wants to hear a reply on wax. Whatever the hell happens, I can't shake this feeling that they will man-hug it out eventually.

Props to Rap Radar

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind Swagger Jacker Remix!

I'm sure these aren't gonna be the last ones we see. More people are hopping on this than that milli Wayne shit a few years ago. If people hate Jay-Z so damn much why do they continue to emulate him through song? Full time jack move with this. But at least it's more clever than just hopping over an instrumental. I am here to bring you ___________ State if Mind!!! (Insert your city). Let's start with my home state.

Ro Spit - Renaissance State of Mind (Detroit)

Renaissance state of mind by Ro Spit
The only set back to this is that Ro Spit is from Pontiac, MI, about a half hour north of the D. People claiming other peoples hoods gets all sorts of thugs' panties in a bunch. But this is all love, and metro Detroit is basically one big ass community anyways. Besides, the early bird gets the worm. It's not Ro's fault he's the first muh fucker to take action. I've done quite a bit of cruisin down I-75 to know the spots Ro's talking about. He represents it well. Got a lil off track cuz I'm used to Alicia on the hook, but Monica Blaire holds her own.
Sidenote, if you like Ro's threads, check out the Michigan clothing brand "Burn Rubber"

Neeko ft. Deana Marie - Ill State of Mind (Philly)

I'll be honest I haven't a damn clue who this kid is. His flows are pretty nice though. Beats alot of other random rappers that need to stick to their day job.  Everyone learns a fair deal about Philadelphia in school due to all of it's early prominent American history. Neeko's references are easy to visualize due to this. Who doesn't love Cheesesteak?

Levar Allen - Empire State of Mind T Dot splitscreen remix

On the softer side of things, Levar Allen gets his acoustic on as he croon's the hook. The split screen gimmick does it's job, as it made me forget how boring the song was. Not a bad job singing though. A much better representation for Toronto than.....

Roz and Mocha - T.Dot State of Mind

Okay I saved the best for last. Ahh fuck it. Won't even try. If this is what KISS 92.5 Toronto views as HOT music, I'll stick with the States. But hey, somebody in Canada had to shout out Tim Hortons Drivethru. I mean, what else do they have besides Deer on their Quarters and a different metric system?
Appreciate the effort Razberry Mocha, but shitty sound quality botched auto-tune half assed flow everything just couldn't get me to groove to this.

Ghetto Gourmet - Lil Wayne Edition

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's daughter had a birthday. This was her cake. *face in palm* As if the cake wasn't ugly enough as is, black licorice tastes like shit. It's much more better in the Jager format, but thats neither here nor there. No shots to the cake artist at Walmart Cakes for Spoiled Kids Inc. The only thing she missed was glazing his eyes red. Happy bday celebrity child. For full Weezy effect, dip your slice in your favorite cough syrup.

Spotted (obviously) at

Ghetto Gourmet - Alchemist Edition

You probably eat alot of bullshit being an underground artist on the road. No shots, but it's not as if people like Alchemist get the Mariah Carey treatment in the dressing room. None of that diva shit here. He shows us how he gets down with shitty bagels and cheese soup.

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling mixtape Cover Art

Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalfia's mixtape Cover is on the net today so here you are. If it's anything like his last joint tape with Curren$y then we're in for a treat.  Lmao at the quotes from "some guy".

Music Video: Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

Looks like its business as usual for Shawn Corey, despite the shots from Beans. Note to Beanie Sigel, even after your heartfelt diss song, if you hear no response from Hov, #hesnotthatintoyou. Anyways, smh at cats sayin east coast rap is dead. This song/video isnt gritty or grimey like the mid 90s shit hip hoppers are so acustomed to, but face it, it doesnt get much more New York than this. Wow homegirl is really head boppin on that piano.

Ghostface Stories with Ghostface Killah

Himmy Kimmel (Guillermo voice) brings in Wu Tang favorite Ghostface Killah to share experiences with music tours and midgets. Enough Said.

Beanie Sigel - Not Your Average Cat (Jay-Z Diss) DJ KaySlay

Awww hecky naw, this boy man is raw. So it looks like even if Beanie Sigel was smashed drunk during his I RUN THIS TOWN rant, it's not gonna stop. Drunk actions are sober thoughts anyways right? Beans finally goes in over his old bff. I was gonna say "boss" but as I was typing this, he got all emotional during the end of the song. Beans has a valid point in everything he was saying though. The Roc Roc Nation may still be around as a half assed front of Roc-a-fella, and there's still good music on it. But lets be real. Everybody who listened to rap anytime in the late 90's early 2000's knows the Roc's cornerstones were Jay, Bleek, and Beans. Freeway when he could take a break from dealing drugs and manscaping his beard.  Anyways, til the next diss record comes along we can just sit back and reminisce of better days.

Damn, it was all good just a week ago.
Spotted at Nahright

from Nahright, from Miss Info, from somebody's 2nd cousin's neighbor upstairs comes the CD Quality version of the song. Hear Beans go in on Jay even better!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lupe Fiasco - Say Something Freestyle

Mr. Peach-fuzz-buzz-but-beard-on-the-verge jacks Timbaland's new single with WheelChair Jimmy Drake
No complaints here. He not only succesfully rides this beat, he made me incredibly hungry (I havent eaten today) with clever lines about pizza and chicken fingers <---breakfast of champions. Lupe reminds me why he's one of my favorite artists at something called "RAP". In a time and place not so far away, skills use to be necessary. Now all you have to do is have some money and sing half assed ghost-written hooks, massacre 80's songs at the club inbetween Rogaine treatments , or make up a dance that encourages anybody with a decent IQ to shake their heads. But I digress. Lupe gives us some heat for the fall, check it out.
Props to 2dopeboyz

Download: Lupe Fiasco - Say Something Freestyle

Gucci Mane After School Special

Pill poppin , kush smokin , gun totin , crack cookin accused murderer Gucci Mane LaFlare urges you to be safe and take your sobriety seriously. ALSO be sure to check out Gucci Manes new smash single, "WASTED"!. Never trust a public service announce done by a guy who's on a song called LOL Smiley Face :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mike Posner - One Foot Out the Door Mixtape

Clinton Sparks and DJ Benzi in association with LRG blah blah blah you get the idea. This is Southfield, MI native and Duke Univsersity Superstar Mike Posner's newest 'ish. You can download it off itunes for free in a few days, or cop it here NOW thanks to Shake over at  2dopeboyz. Featuring notable rappers like Saigon Bun B, and up and coming rappers such as the midwest's own Big Sean (Detroit)  and Kid Cudi (Cleveland). Mikey P's web series tracks his day to day grind being signed under a major label while still juggling the duties of trying to graduate. Check it out if you're bored as hell.
01 One Foot Out the Door
02 I Don’t Trust Myself
03 Traveling Man [Snippet]
04 You Don’t Have to Leave
05 Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix)
06 Don’t Trust Me (Benny Blanco Remix) f. KiD CuDi & 3OH!3
07 Kiss Me Thru the Phone f. Saigon
08 Red Button
09 Bring Me Down f. Big Sean & Freddie Gibbs
10 Mirror’s Edge f. Bun B
11 Speed of Sound f. Big Sean
12 Close the Door f. Clinton Sparks

Download - Mike Posner - One Foot Out the Door Mixtape courtesy of LRG

Microsoft Surface -Everything We Want But Dont Need

The new Surface by Microsoft is some 'ish that people back in the day couldn't even imagine. How this sum-mum-ma bitch can transfer files with no bluetooth or USB connection is kind of creepy.  It essentially replaces your coffee table with a big ass touch screen machine of magic. Transer files, surf the web, play games, send e-mails, or just set your cup of water on it for shits and giggles special effects. The Microsoft Surface also watches you in your sleep and can have a printout analyzation of your dreams in the morning. OK I'm exaggerating, but the way technology is going I'm sure thats not too far away.

Crazy about multi-touch screen computers? Windows has come up with the all new Microsoft surface and is now available for Business and Commercial use. The multitouch screen surface responds naturally to hand gestures and objects.
The surface handles all the digital content in a very intuitive manner, with its large horizontal user interface. The surface creates an interactive way of sharing, comparing, transferring data etc. for multiple users. It changes the whole new concept of interacting with the digital content, Leave the mouse and keyword away use your hand for every single work. Sharing is fun. The all new surface also identify objects like glass of water, when it is kept on the surface it gives cool tags around it.
Transferring of data is easy you don’t have to connect your device with bluetooth, USB cable or anything, just put your phone or camera on the Microsoft surface and you’re all set for sharing. The Microsoft surface is very intelligent and recognizes your natural hand gestures.
The Surface comes at a price of $5,000 to $10,000 now. Soon it will be cheaper and will take a place in your home.

Sounds like a great concept of a computer and I salute Microsoft. Although I'm sure lots of people will get it and not know how the hell to work it

By the time I'd actually be able to afford that beautiful beast of a machine, I'm sure that price will drop faster than Drake attempting to skip.

Spotted at TechCrank

*UPDATE* - After bigging up this product, found this parody a short time later. This is so funny I almost feel stupid for wanting this

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 BET Cypher Part 3 (Mos Def, Black Thought & Eminem)

Okay I see where they goin with this. Anyone that actually watches the BET Awards knows they displays these cyphers inbetween intermissions to make up for all the fuckery that occurs during the rest of the show. Appreciate the effort BET. Anyways, this was easily the best one of the three cyphers, they all 9/11'd that shit.  Glad to see Mos Def takin a break from whatever B list movie he was doing and rap again. *No shots*. Black Thought sounds like a natural over those roots-esque drum patterns, and thats the Eminem Detroit knows and loves. No accent. Syllable for syllable homide.

Spotted at OnSmash

2009 BET Cypher Part 2 (Wale, Nipsey Hu$$le, Gsan & KRS-One)

Okay this one is a bit better from the last one. Wale kicks this one off for DC. At least he sounds like he's actually freestyling though. No Drake shit over 'chea. Why does Nipsey Hu$$le just seem like a 2009 version of rookie snoop? Must be the L.A. thing. Or the braids. Or the I-literally-put-the-blunt-down-30-seconds-before-this eyes. See my point? KRS-One maybe the bitter old rapper, but he comes correct. Can't fux with the teacher.

Spotted at OnSmash

2009 BET Cypher Part 1 (Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal & Joe Budden)

Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal & 1/4 of Slaughterhouse spit hot fiyah. Well at least Joe Buddden does.  Since his verse was the only memorable moment of this, feel free to fast forward right to his spot.  Nice SH hoody. Nobody rocks them baggy pullover shits anymore, maybe they'll make a comeback. Beats crappy V-neck extra-medium t shirts and leather vest douche-wear. Glad I stuck through listening to this, because I was ready to click the "X" in the top left 15 seconds into Nicki's verse.  I know there's a shortage of female emcees in the game and lots of people rave about her rack skills, but really BET? Foxy Brown is deaf and can rap less retarded than her. You shoulda holla'd. I'm sure she would welcome the break from the daily grind of ignoring her taxes.

Peeped over at OnSmash 

Just Another Day in Clipper Land

No, that's not a look of deep thought and appreciation for being drafted number 1 in the NBA. Thats an internal *sigh* of pre-meditated failure. Not much else comes to mind when staring directly at a  L.A. Clippers jersey. The only thing worse than being a Clipper player is being a Clipper fan. They are like the Lakers ugly step sister that no one wants to date regardless of  how hard she tries to be appealing. While the Lake-show pulls in the stars such as Jack Nicholson, David Beckham, Will Smith, and ______ (insert smoking hot celebrity girlfriend/wife/babymomma) the Clippers crowd will get the likes of Carrot Top and the Shamwow guy. One of the most losing franchises of all time, they just can't shake that curse. This is a team that had a promising outlook with Lamar Odom, Elton Brand, Andre Miller, Q Richardson, and D Miles (they were good once upon a time) and still found ways to fuck up. Blake was the future, the glimmer of hope. Then he pulls a Wheelchair Jimmy Drake  and fucks up his knee before the season even starts. Broken kneecap? Damn homey, in high school you were the man homey. Good luck Blake get well soon, the Clippers need you sorely in their eternal quest for mediocrity.

Taylor Swift Parties w/ Nazis?

Peeped this over at Global Grind.
Partying with swastikas at a grafitti party? America's little sweetheart is growing up. Because she's a country singer, nobody will give her shit for this. I'm not even hating, just telling the truth. Despite her presence, how much you wanna bet a Kanye song came on at least once? I've never been to a party with all white people and not had a Yeezy record get played. And 9 times out of 10 it's Stronger, or the techno version of Heartless.

Taylor Swift Parties w/ Nazis?

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I Learned In College - Perfect Control Over Your Balls

I don't care how many takes it actually required for these trick shots, but when they are this badass, who really cares. When I play beer pong I'm usually already buzzed so talking shit comes with the territory. After watching this I might keep my mouth shut a lil bit more. I know they arent playing beer pong.. but if they can bounce the shit off two sideways tables three times into a moving skateboard, I'm pretty sure they can make it  a few feet away. On a closing note, point and riducule the picture below, that's what it's there for.

Friday, October 23, 2009

How Crunk is too Crunk?

The funny thing about this video, besides the most drunken 10 minutes in a convenience store ever, is the fact that its 10:30 in the MORNING! Damn duke, call it a night already. Props to whoever added the music to this security footage. Fits like a glove. Blame it on the........ wait no, theres no way this guy is just crunk off the jesus juice, he's on some whole other nother shit

Another Reason Why I Hate Lebron

So Jay-Z's college tour rolled through Cleveland last night. Who else did you think would show up? Nah, not the weed carrier hypeman Memphis Bleek. I'm talking about none other than Mr. Crybaby himself, Lebron James. The audio sucks as much as Lebrons juckin and shivin to the music, I really just posted this out of saltiness. I missed the Hov show the night before at Eastern Michigan and thought about a road trip to Cleveland but let that pass by as well. *sigh*

Clipse ft. Cam'ron - By Popular Demand (Popeyes) prod by Pharrell




New Clipse. Yuuuuugggghhk! Enough Said. How bout that free promotion Popeyes? The Colonel doesnt have shit on you. Ok I'm lying, yes he does. The grease practically drips out of your bag, not a good look . Swiped from NahRight.

Download: Clipse feat Cam'ron - By Popular Demand (Popeyes) Prod. by Pharrell

The Real Meaning of Puppy Love

Hard to imagine lots of people actually got paid to make that. I've never seen this on air and I'm not surprised. Who knew dogs were freaks like that. The good folks at Durex, that's who. I guess.

Shamwow ft. Kid Cudi - She Came Along

Shamwow Sharam and Kid Cudi hit us with this a while back, it's good to see a video come to fruition finally. This reminds me of summer and thats a pleasant thought right now (winters in MI lick fuzzy balls). Dope Western concept video, and much cooler than Fresh Prince Will Smiths Wild Wild West.  Wait wait... I'm lying. That had Salma Hayek in it. A little bit of her gives it the edge. Lame excuse, I know, but ask J.Cole, pussy is power.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fish, Gay ; Dead at 32

RT "Yo whoever started the rumor that Kanye West was dead imma letchu finish, but Balloon Boy pulled off the best hoax of all time!"
Gotta love twitter, Hollywoods highschool gossip column.
Leave it up to Fox News to promptly report this (un-true) boo-boo. Is anyone really surprised they skewered the truth again?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Give Me My Fuckin Noodles

I've known for many a year: don't come between a fat kid and his food. To his credit, we've all thrown tantrums like that before. Or maybe it's just us fucked up kids from Sagnasty. Ramen is Kinda Like a Big Deal in the hood