Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wale - Ambitious Girl

*Ambitious girls where you hiding?*

Mr. Folarin takes the words right out my mouth this this jawn. Coming from Saginaw, MI, they're kind of a rare breed.  Girls out there are more content to push strollers through the hood while pregnant with somebody elses baby, while living with drug dealin Ray Ray's broke ass while working a part time job babysittin somebody elses lil badass kids shittin all over the house, cuz the leasing agent needs some form of proof of income if they are gonna approve you for their section 8 housing. In the meantime, they sell food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar to pick up some extra weed money, that is, until Ray Ray's broke ass comes around bitchin he got into with Big Pookie n dem and he needs to pay for all the drugs that got fronted STAT or everybody is knee deep in shit. Whew. Got carried away there. Anways.. my ambitious girl... I won't forget you.. I just reflect on how I ain't met you yet boo. So come on babygirl.... I wanna fuck the shit out your ambitions.

Download: Wale - Ambitious Girl

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