Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back For the First Time

If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours, if not, fuck it, you'll never know. Ok I guess that deals more so with love and not blogging, but the point is, I've missed updating random fuckery on a regular basis. I started this blog last year when I had just moved in with my girl to Kalamazoo, MI. I left my school, job, friends, and a great city to be with her. You can check the history of my updates and see I was dedicated to new music and this shit so much to the point where it pissed her off. "You're always on your stupid laptop" This was one of the excuses reasons why we ultimately broke up. There was of course much, much more to this story, but quite frankly I probably don't even know you so it's none of your damn business. Just know that after it was all said and done I ended up back in Grand Rapids and my life is yet again headed down a different road. There is no way to say this without sounding like a baby bitch, but I literally stopped posting on this blog because all it did was remind me of those times in a strenuous relationship and how messed up I was mentally at the time. Physically too, as I had a freak accident and ended up getting 4 stitches on my ring finger back in October. Right on the tip too. Yet I forged on, updating at a rapid pace as to not lose hits on my site. Typing with a finger that just had meat hanging out of it is dedication. I've totaled more than 2,000 hits to this shit right here (Kat Williams voice) although most of it can be attributed to me getting 50 Cents "Before I Self Destruct" 3 weeks early. The DMCA had something to say about that, which is why you won't see that post on here. That's laymans terms for "THE MAN TOOK IT DOWN" Psh. So much for a free country. Why the hell is that our motto anyways? Ain't shit free here. People work every  day just to survive and keep the lights on in this motha fucka.

Okay enough with the rambling though. The point IS, that I'm back better than ever surprise surpise (Oh I know you didn't forget how many hidden rap quotables you'll find in my writings) It feels good to be back and good to update again. It's almost like a 50 Cent Mung-kee off my back. My past isn't as haunting as it once was, and we all get to enjoy the newest in hiphop, pop culture, and general fuckery once more.

To kick things off right, I'm bringing you a special treat. The Koolaid Konkokshunz mixtape is in construction as I type.  No, it's not gonna be a mixtape where I get on the first 10 seconds of every track and shout random shit like "APPHILLIATES N*GGA!!"  or "BRING IT BACK I DONT THINK THEY HEARD WHAT I JUST SAID" Nope this is just gonna be me bringing you the freshness. 80 minutes of the newest hiphop to hit the interweb streets. Time and time again and basically everybody I meet asks me where I get my music from and if I can burn them some mixes. Well, I finally got tired of spending my own jew gold on CD-Rs. So now you can just click download and BAM! Burn your own CD, my pockets are on Jermaine Jackson status right now.

If you've ever been around me while I make Koolaid, you know how it goes down. I mix a bunch of different flavors together in the same pitcher. This creates a unique blend of different flavors which ultimately creates one organic sugar-infused super flavor. Koolaid Konkokshunz muzik is in the same model. It is a mix up of all different kinds of hip hop. Some are Club songs. Some are Lyrical, some are "underground".. even emo alternative hiphop. But in the end they are all selected and arranged/mixed in a way that makes you wanna blast it in your car and possibly fornicate in the backseat with that special lady or man friend of yours.

Volume 1 will include the likes of Drake, J.Cole, Royce da 5'9", Big Sean, Travis Porter, Lloyd Banks, Ludacris, Pack FM, Nipsey Hu$$le and more! Gotta love variety. I will continue to create these until I have more volumes then the NOW series. Wish me luck. At the rate new dope music comes out, it shouldn't be hard. Hiphop ain't dead you just gotta find it!!!!

Peace out and much love,

-J "it feels so good to be back" Reezy

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